SimplyPats V7 Registration and Licencing
(First time only)

Use this form to licence your SimplyPats Version 7 Software for the first time.  If you have already licenced your software and are re-installing on a different PC, or have forgotten your licence details, please contact us on one the number listed opposite, or send an email containing your SimplyPats Serial Number, Licence Number SimplyPats has generated and Contact Details to SimplyPats Support.

* Fields marked in blue are required

Serial Number:
Your Serial Number will be formatted 7xx-xxxx-xxxx-x and be supplied in the subject of an email if purchased direct from ourselves, or included on a card if purchased from a distributor.
Licence Number:
The Licence Number is generated by the software itself and is CASE Sensitive..

After you have installed your software, on the File Menu click Help and choose Licence SimplyPats, where your Licence Number will be displayed in the yellow box.

The Licence Number is 26 charactors long with a mix of numbers and letters.
Re Enter Email:
This must be a valid Email Address, your Licence details will be sent to the Email Address you enter above.
Company Name:
Your Company Name is who the SimplyPats software is licenced to. You can change the company name that  appears on all your printed reports from within SimplyPats,
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
Address Line 3:
Where did you buy your Software?
PAT Tester:

When you click Submit Details you will be taken to the Verify Details screen, please check that the details you entered are correct and press Submit Details.  Your Licence Number will be sent to the email address you entered above.

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GDPR Policy

By Registering your software you are agreeing to the terms set out in our GDPR Policy.

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Need Help?

You can use the form opposite to Licence your SimplyPats Software or call the SimplyPats Support Team on the following number.

+44 (0)1326 378268

NOTE! If you are re-installing your SimplyPats Version 7 software on a different PC to the one it was originally licenced on, you will need a new Licence Key. Please contact us to do this.