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SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition

New - SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition

Priced to fit in-between the Full Downloading Edition and Manual Edition of SimplyPats, the SimplyPats V7 Manual Plus Edition has the ability to Import and Export data to and from the Free KEWPAT PAT Testing App Developed by SimplyPats for Android™ and iOS™ devices.

This makes it an ideal solution for Kewtech SMARTPAT owners as well as those who want to use the KEWPAT App to enter PAT Test Data Manually, but also want a PC based PAT Software Solution to further manage thier Data and generate PAT Reports and Invoices using the SimplyPats Desktop based software. Click here for more information

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Is my PAT Tester supported in SimplyPats Version 7?

SimplyPats Version 7 can download or import data from over 50 Downloading PAT Testers.

Current popular models include:

  • Seaward Apollo 400
  • Seaward Apollo 500
  • Seaward Apollo 600
  • Megger PAT 410
  • Megger PAT 420
  • Megger PAT 450
  • Fluke 6200-2
  • Metrel GammaPat MI3311
  • Metrel DeltaPat MI3309
  • Metrel SigmaPat MI3310
  • Kewtech KT77
  • Kewtech SmartPat

If your downloading PAT Tester is not listed, please see our SimplyPats Version 7 Full Downloading PAT Tester Compatibility List.

Download the latest free update, free PAT Reports and utilities

Can I contact you if I need support using my SimplyPats Version 7 software?

Customers using the latest SimplyPats Version 7 software have access to FREE Telephone and Email support for the Supported Lifetime of that product.

If you are using an older version of SimplyPats you may want to consider purchasing the upgrade to Version 7 which also includes support for the latest Microsoft Operating Systems.

Current Support times and contact information can be obtained by clicking on the following links:

Current Support Information and Times
SimplyPats Contact Details

Licence or Register your SimplyPats Software

You will need to Licence your software before you can fully use it.

Licencing for the first time...

If you have just purchased your SimplyPats software and need to licence it for the first time, click here for instructions.

Re-installing your software...

If you are re-installing your SimplyPats software you will still need to licence it. If you have already previously licenced your software using the Serial Number you received when you purchased it, you will now need to submit a licence request via email to our support address.

Please email us for Instructions on doing this and include your SimplyPats Serial Number in the Subject.

PAT Testing Software for your Megger PAT 410, 420 or 450

Click here if you are interested in the latest PAT Testing software for your Megger PAT 410 / PAT 420 or PAT 450

PAT Testing Software for your Seaward Apollo 600, 500 or 400

Click here if you are interested in the latest PAT Testing software for your Seaward Apollo 600 / Apollo 500 or Apollo 400

PAT testing software for your Fluke 6500-2

Click here if you are interested in the latest PAT Testing software for your Fluke 6500-2

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*Free Telephone and Email Support offered for the lifetime of the current version only. ** Two User Licences are offered with the First Serial Number allocated to you or your company and only applies to the Full SimplyPats V7 Downloading Edition. The Manual Edition and Re-Branded Editions are supplied as Single User licences only.